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Automatic CNC contour cutting

Our fully automatic contour cutting machine, "Made in Germany", impresses with its ability to guarantee precise cuts for the highest quality requirements. It works with a revolving serrated bandknife that enables precise cutting. The machine is versatile and can cut materials such as flexible PU foam, polyethylene, composite foam and viscose foam.

Unique selling point

Fully automatic CNC contour cutting machine with endless serrated or smooth bandknife

Highest quality Made in Germany

Best price/performance ratio

Extremely fast processing and maximum precision

Band knives from our own production

Fully automatic hold-down device and positionable center support

Generously dimensioned TFT touch panel

Remote access with integrated modem also serves existing cutting programs from WinCAP or FKCAD

This machine is mainly used for contour cutting of foam blocks and PU sheet material in the upholstered furniture industry, mattress production and the packaging industry.

super fast

Fast, precise processing

Efficiency meets
Precision & faster

Our machine offers fast processing times and enables considerable savings in time and resources. We attach great importance to precision so that your cuts are exact and error-free. Our band knives are manufactured in-house to ensure optimum coordination with the machine and compliance with the highest quality standards.

Up to


faster than
other manufacturers

The machine works with a revolving bandknife, which is manufactured by sitola in different versions depending on the type of material.

The infinitely variable blade rotation speed enables flexible adjustment of the bandknife to different materials and thus improves the cutting pattern.

Our machine is equipped with state-of-the-art automation components housed in a Rittal
control cabinet.
The user interface
consists of a generous 17.3″-
touchscreen monitor with a
fast SSD hard disk.

Control system Made in Germany

control system with Lenze

The powerful Lenze PLC drives the control, enables precise block positioning and cutting using precise Lenze servo drives. The sitola CNC control reads various machine codes, supports your CAD programming software and processes both G-CODE and SLD programs. In addition, an integrated DXF converter facilitates the rapid creation of cutting programs.


cut technologies

cut technologies

Phone: +49 2734 4361-0
Obere Hommeswiese 23-25 57258 Freudenberg | Germany

Our machine is characterized by the highest quality and is manufactured in Germany, which stands for precision and reliability. We therefore offer you the best price/performance ratio to ensure that you make a valuable investment.

The hold-down system ensures precise cuts even with small materials, the automatic center holder ensures cutting accuracy, an optional motorized sharpener extends the service life of the blades, a rotating work table and loading/unloading belts simplify the work process.

The machine works with a revolving bandknife, which is manufactured by sitola in different versions depending on the type of material.

Cutting height: The cutting height is 1300 mm and can be extended as an option.

Cutting length: With a cutting length of 2300 mm, the machine can cover large working areas and can also be extended on request.

Working width: The working width of the machine is 2300 mm and can also be extended on request.

Cutting speed: The machine offers a cutting speed of up to 60 m/min, depending on the material and contour.

Space-saving controller with simple operation and quick training, network-compatible via LAN/WIFI, offers worldwide remote diagnostics and updates, safe shutdown in the event of a power failure, improved longevity thanks to integrated cooling system and a customizable 400 VAC power supply with optional transformation options.

The standard spare parts for the machine are manufacturer-independent and compatible with machines from other cutting machine manufacturers. All common spare parts are available reliably and cost-effectively.

The machine is fully tested and is supplied as a plug-and-play installation to minimize installation time. The warranty of the slicer is 1 year. The machine is supplied with safety guards and full CE certification to meet the highest European safety standards. Fast delivery times can be arranged on request.

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