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Automatic vertical foam cutting

The automatic vertical cutting machine "Made in Germany" is characterized by high quality and precision. It is ideal for cutting flexible foam and other materials, with applications in the upholstered furniture, mattress and packaging industries. The machine has a space-saving design, uses a revolving bandknife (either serrated or smooth) and can be integrated into various production lines.

Unique selling point

Highest quality Made in Germany

Best price/performance ratio and fast availability

Maximum precision and low-maintenance spare parts

Extremely fast processing with up to 45 m/min on the unit

Extremely robust design and bandknife from our own production

Joystick with potentiometer

Extremely user-friendly software

Its main areas of application are the trimming and cutting of PU long and short blocks as well as PU sheet material in the upholstered furniture industry, mattress production and the packaging industry

super fast

Fast, precise processing

Efficiency meets
Precision & faster

Our machine offers cutting speeds of up to 45 m/min and uses a revolving bandknife that is suitable for various materials. The machine has a height-adjustable blade guide, a pneumatic blade clamping support for quick blade changes and increased blade tension for safe cutting

Up to


faster than
other manufacturers

The machine works with a revolving bandknife, which is manufactured by sitola in different versions depending on the type of material.

The machine offers a standard cutting height of 1300 mm expandable to 1500 mm, a cutting length of 2200 mm expandable to 2500 mm and a working width of 2500 mm expandable to 3000 mm.

A 3 kW blade drive ensures optimum speed and safety. Additional options include a motorized sander, sanding dust extraction, optical grinding control, minimum quantity lubrication and loading/unloading belts.

Control system Made in Germany

Siemens control technology.

The machine has a state-of-the-art control system from sitola | cut technologies, which is based on a powerful Siemens S7-1500 PLC and extremely precise Siemens servo drives. The control panel is a Siemens touch panel with a generously sized 12″ TFT display that provides a user-friendly interface. The controller also allows remote access for worldwide remote diagnostics and software updates.


cut technologies

cut technologies

Phone: +49 2734 4361-0
Obere Hommeswiese 23-25 57258 Freudenberg | Germany

Our machine is characterized by the highest quality and is manufactured in Germany, which stands for precision and reliability. We therefore offer you the best price/performance ratio to ensure that you make a valuable investment.

The machine works with a revolving bandknife, which is manufactured by sitola in different versions depending on the type of material.

Cutting height: The cutting height is 1300 mm in the standard version and can be optionally adjusted to 1500 mm.

Cutting length: With a cutting length of 2200 mm, the machine can cover large working areas and can also be extended to 2500 mm on request.

Working width: The working width of the machine is 2500 mm and can also be extended to 3000 mm on request.

Cutting speed: The machine offers a cutting speed of up to 45 m/min.

The control cabinet has an integrated cooling system that reduces the dust load in the control unit and thus extends the service life of the electrical components. 400 VAC 50/60 Hz power supply, but can be adapted to your specification, possibly with an optional transformer.

The common spare parts for the machine are manufacturer-independent and compatible with machines from other cutting machine manufacturers. All common

spare parts are available reliably and cost-effectively.

The machine is fully tested and supplied as a plug-and-play installation to minimize installation time.

The machine is supplied with safety guards and full CE certification to meet the highest European safety standards.

Fast delivery times can be arranged on request.

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